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I used to get bitten and scratched all over the place when clipping my cat's nails, even with two people working together. I got new scratches every time. But when we put the mask on him, he completely calmed down.

Because the neck and clear part are soft and light, eating, toileting, and sleeping seem much easier than with the conventional hard type. After using it for more than five years, the quality has more than outweighed the price. Both the cat and her owner are very satisfied!

My cat is 6 months-old, male, weighs 3.2 kg, and he got spayed. The SS Long fits perfectly. The one I got from the hospital was hard, heavy, and bulky... I am glad I bought this item becasue it was exactly what I expected. It really helped.

Every time I fed my cat, I was at a loss because more food was scattered outside than eaten. It was unhygienic. I bought this as a no-brainer, and now my cat eats very cleanly. It's made so that the plate doesn't overflow. I am glad I bought it.

When my cat had allergic conjunctivitis, she wore a collar that the hospital gave her. But she hated it so much that she gradually became depressed. I read many reviews for this product and thought this would be a good idea, so I bought it. She seems to like it very much, and her former vivaciousness has returned.

My cat chews and kicks and crunches with all her might, but this Mikazuki Kerikeri has not come apart, and the contents have not come out. There are stains, as you can see in the picture, but it has been 7 to 8 months since I bought it. I recommend it for cats who are strong and rough with their toys.

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