Get to Know Nekozuki's Founder: An Interview with Yukako Futono

Get to Know Nekozuki's Founder: An Interview with Yukako Futono

Get to Know Nekozuki's Founder: An Interview with Yukako Futono

A Day in the Life of Yukako Futono, A Cat Lover

Happy & Healthy Cats - Nekozuki is a brand that creates products for cats from a feline perspective. Our mission is to make sure that cats are happy and comfortable. I have always been a cat lover, and I noticed that there were problems that cats and their owners faced that I could solve with better-designed products. So, I decided to start Nekozuki to address those issues.

Q: You have mentioned that you "prefer to act alone" and "have clear preferences," which are personality traits similar to cats. Do you have any more personality traits you think are similar?

Yes. I also value sleep and feel uncomfortable when my back is unprotected. It may be similar to how cats are known for their love for sleep and like to keep their backs protected.

Q: How do you see the relationship between cat lovers and being tidy?

Cat lovers like myself want to do things that make our cats happy and make them feel comfortable. As a result, we tend to keep our homes clean and tidy. It's about having a service mindset and understanding that cats are bossy creatures, so we want to make their environment pleasant.

Q: Many cat owners enjoy cooking, so what do you keep in mind when planning your meals?

I believe that our bodies are made up of what we eat, so I pay attention to what I eat and how it will affect my body. I try to eat simple, seasonal dishes at home and listen to my body's cravings. I also like to know the story behind the food I eat, such as who made it and how they produced it. I am also interested in fermentation and making my own brown rice enzyme water and nukazuke pickles at home.

Q: How do you spend your days off? Do you prefer staying at home?

On weekends, I like to relax at home and watch a few movies. I also spend time taking care of my cats, such as cleaning their litter boxes, playing with them, napping, and brushing them.

Q: Can you tell us about your philosophy on sleep and health?

I prioritize sleep and maintain a morning lifestyle. I go to bed at 9:30 pm, wake up at 4:30 am, and aim for 7 hours of sleep. I also make sure to take care of my health through diet, exercise, and meditation. I do personal training three times a week, bodywork once a week, and meditate for 25 minutes every morning.

Q: There is a theory that many writers are cat lovers, and you read quite a bit. What kind of books do you enjoy reading?

I am a fan of mystery novels and writers like Seicho Matsumoto and Kyusaku Yumeno. I also have aspirations to write one myself.

Q: There is a theory that cat lovers have high IQs. Do you agree with this?

I am fascinated by the mysterious and intriguing nature of cats, insects, and deep-sea creatures. Growing up in a place with abundant nature like Iwate has allowed me to learn about design from the flora and fauna of the natural world. This interest in nature and animals may have contributed to my IQ.