About Us

About Us

Our Identity

Happy & Healthy Cats - Solving problems for cats from a feline perspective

At Nekozuki, we take great pride in our ability to contribute to the happiness of cats and their owners. We work closely with our feline employees to develop and improve products that solve the unique challenges cats face.

Our mission is to enhance the well-being of cats, always thinking about their needs and perspective in every decision we make. We aim to support and help cats stay healthy and happy.

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Our Journey

1. Finding Solutions for Feline Needs

In 2005, at the age of 27, our CEO Yukako Futono started her own business to help cats she loved. She first opened a physical pet store, but later transitioned to selling products online. As business progressed, she saw an increase in customers having inquiries about cat-related problems. However, she found that many of the products she offered did not effectively solve these problems.

Through online interactions with customers, she realized that many others shared similar frustrations with the products available on the market. This led her to strive for better solutions for cat owners to improve their overall well-being.

2. Creating Our Own Solutions

As a cat owner, our CEO was well aware of the various problems cats face. However, through customer consultations, she found that many others were facing similar struggles.

She decided that if solutions were unavailable in the market, she would make them herself. Despite having limited experience in product development, she had a clear vision for creating products that would effectively solve the health problems cats face.

3. Tailoring Solutions for Feline Needs from Scratch

Our journey in product development began with the desire to improve the lives of cats recovering from illnesses.

We noticed that traditional Elizabethan collars in the market were often made from hard plastic materials with metal buttons, which were heavy and uncomfortable for cats.

When the CEO's beloved cat became ill, we saw firsthand how wearing an uncomfortable collar added to the cat's distress and made the recovery process harder. We set out to create a version that was truly easy for cats to wear and worked closely with our cat employees to develop a comfortable and functional design.

It was the starting point of Nekozuki's manufacturing, and we continue to strive to improve the lives of cats through innovative and cat-specific products.

4. Solving Problems from a Feline Perspective

For the past 18 years, we’ve been committed to creating innovative solutions for the problems cats face. This approach has led us to develop over 40 original products, with a particular emphasis on improving the Elizabethan collar, which has undergone 30 improvements.

5. Committed to Improving Feline Wellbeing

At our company, the well-being and happiness of cats are at the forefront of everything we do. We will continue to create innovative solutions to cat problems, always keeping the perspective of our feline friends in mind.

Our goal is to help cats live healthy and happy lives through a continued focus on product development improvements.

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About Us

Business Overview

Nekozuki is an original cat goods brand that specializes in developing and directly selling products that solve problems for cats. Our brand is focused on providing solutions for cat problems from the perspective of cat lovers.

Company Information

- Store Name: Nekozuki
- Company Name: Cross Clover Japan Co.
- Location: 7th Floor, Nourin Kaikan, 1-3-6 Saien, Morioka-shi, Iwate 020-0024
- Email:
- Website:

Company History

June 2005: Establishment of Cross Clover Ltd.
October 2010: Creation of the original brand "Nekozuki"
October 2012: Reorganization from a limited liability company to a joint-stock corporation, Cross Clover Japan Inc.
April 2016: Recognized as one of the best practices for SNS utilization by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
December 2017: Selected as a "Regional Future Leading Company" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry

Other Business Ventures

Research on comfortable living for cats

Our product development team researches the biology of cats to create products that promote their health and comfort. We also consult with veterinarians and experts in the field.

Development of cat-friendly housing

In the future, we aim to create houses designed specifically for cats and allow them to express their wild instincts without causing trouble for their owners.


Community involvement

We give lectures and talks on entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and design at universities and organizations in the local area.


We work with organizations such as the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tsukuba Research Facility, and Iwate Industrial Technology Center, to improve our products and services.

Awards and Media Appearances

Awards and Recognitions

・Regional Future Driving Company (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry) as a leading company in the local economy.
・Tohoku Entrepreneur Award (Tohoku New Business Conference)
・Winner of the Good Design Award five times
・Holds the highest number of awards of any pet manufacturer in Japan
・Our corporate attitude toward manufacturing products from the viewpoints of cats and people has been highly evaluated.
・Winner of the Omotenashi Selection, which recognizes products and services that embody the essence of Japanese hospitality and promotes them both domestically and internationally.

About the Omotenashi Selection
Our company has been recognized for our dedication to crafting products that focus on the user and our innovative approach to modernizing traditional methods.

The Omotenashi Selection is an award that honors products and services that embody the essence of Japanese hospitality and promotes them both domestically and internationally.

Publications and Media Appearances

Featured in magazines, TV, and newspapers, including:

・Magazines specializing in cats (Neko Biyori, Neko no Kimochi, Neko Quarterly Magazine, Nekogurashi)

・General interest magazines (mono magazine, croissant, hanako, anan)

・Television (NHK Good Morning Japan, Nittele News 24, Asa-chan, TV Iwate, Menkoi TV, Iwate Asahi TV)

・International media (Diners magazine, TOKYOweekender)

・Contributed as an expert in cat magazines and in Forbes Japan.