Munch Munch Food Bowl


For owners who have trouble with their cats leaving food uneaten

Food that is close to the edge of the dish is left uneaten because it is difficult to eat.
Food that overflows the bowl does not enter the mouth and is left uneaten.
The Munch Munch Food Bowl is a bowl designed to accommodate the unique eating style of cats.
The Munch Munch Food Bowl is designed to be easy to eat, which reduces the amount of food left in the bowl.

[3 points of the Munch Munch Food Bowl]

1. The edge of the bowl is folded inward to prevent food from spilling.

2. The inside of the bowl is sloped so that food collects in the center and does not spread to the edges.

3. The front of the bowl is low, making it easy to put one's face in the bowl and thus easy to eat the food.

  • kaolin

Country of Origin: Japan

Please wash in lukewarm water when using it for the first time.This material is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. Do not suddenly pour hot water into a cold dish, put it on fire, or dip a hot dish in cold water.
Dishwashers can be used. Do not use abrasive detergents, cleansers, or metal scrubbing brushes, as they may scratch the surface. Be careful not to chip the surface due to strong impact. If cracks or splits appear, discontinue use for safety reasons.

We take the utmost care to ensure the safety and security of our products, but in the unlikely event that you find a defect in the product upon arrival, please contact us as soon as possible.
use the product for purposes other than its intended use. Use at your own risk.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use if it is torn or damaged.

Precautions for Use
  • Wear it so that the nose and mouth come out so that you can breathe.
  • Please use within sight of the owner.
  • Use at your own risk.
  • Do not use it for anything other than its intended purpose.
  • Keep out of reach of small children.
  • If a cat should swallow the product, consult a veterinarian immediately.
  • Avoid using the product near fire, near heaters, or in places where the temperature or humidity is too high.
  • Do not use if any tears or damage is found.
  • Do not force the mask on cats that donot like it.
  • As this is a handmade product, there may be individual differences in shape. Please understand this beforehand.
  • For sanitary reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges. Unopened and unused items cannot be returned. Please place an order after accurately measuring the size of the cat you will actually use.
Care Instructions
  • Hand-wash with lukewarm water and additive-free soap.
  • When using a washingmachine, put it in a laundry net and wash it quickly and briefly.
  • After lightly squeezingexcess water out, shape and hang dry in the shade. Do not use a dryer.Parts to be cared

For those who are having trouble with your cat’s leftover food

Your cat may be leaving food on the plate because the plate is hard to eat from.

We have developed a new product that utilizes a cat’s natural eating behavior.  With “Munch Munch Food Bowl,” your cat will leave less food on the plate.

Cat’s Natural Eating Behavior

They lick and lift the food while pushing down with their tongue.

[Problem 1] It piles up around the edge

The food at the edge of the plate is hard to eat, so the cat just leaves it.

[Problem 2] It spills

The food pushed outside the plate is never eaten by the cat and is just left there.

(Picture received from a customer)

3 Special Points of Munch Munch Food Bowl

1 Because it’s tilted, the food gathers to the center and doesn’t spread to the edge.

Because the bowl is tilted inwardly, the food gathers to the center and is easy to eat until the last bite.

Even the cats that are not good at eating can finish up their food without stress.

Rather than a flare plate in which crunchy kibbles slip away, this bowl makes it easier to eat, so the leftover food will be a lot less.

The whiskers don’t hit the bowl and it is easy to eat, so your cat can focus on eating.

2 It’s lower at the front, so it is easier to put the cat’s face in

Because it is shaped diagonally with a lower front, it is easy to put the cat’s face in. And because it is easy to eat, your cat can easily bring the food into his or her mouth.

3 Curved inwardly to prevent spills

The side curved inwardly works like a wall to prevent food from spilling. So your cat can eat calmly without spilling food outside the bowl.

Other Special Points of Munch Munch Food Bowl

Porcelain is so sanitary that it is used for medicine bottles

Plastic plates can be scratched easily and do not get completely clean even after they are washed. So, there is a risk of bacteria and germs growing from the scratches. Munch Munch Food Bowl is made of porcelain which is as strong as glass, tough, and hard to break. It is hard to get scratched and dirty, so it is sanitary.

Reduces your cat’s stress because it’s sturdy and can be used for a long time

It is said that cats feel very stressed until they get used to new items. Therefore, products that can be used for a long time reduce a cat’s stress.

A domestic plate you can trust. Made by a professional who makes plates for nursing care

Awarded with the Encouragement Award by the Minister of State for Special Missions at the Cabinet Office for the Promotion of Barrier Free Universal Design in 2014.

Mr. Osawa, who's been dedicated to his profession for more than 40 years, makes this product in Iwate Prefecture.

Off-white is made by KANEZEN POTTERY
The pottery was established in 1948 in Arita, Saga Prefecture.Our unique vessels add color to everyday life and are used by everyone.

The Development Story of Munch Munch Food Bowl

What we wanted to create was the owner’s gentle hands that tilt and support the plate for the cat that is fighting an illness.

A plate that caters to cats, developed with cat employees at nekozuki.

To cater to cats fighting illnesses, we have developed a plate that can be used even with an Elizabethan collar on. As a result we have made a plate that is easy to use for all cats including flat-nose cats, cats with big faces, and senior cats.

Award History


They highly evaluated our corporate stance to make products with viewpoints of both humans and cats. 

“I praise the design for being honest and faithful in solving problems one by one with a careful observation of the behavior of cats.” Comment from a judge


Awarded with OMOTENASHI Selection

OMOTENASHI Selection is a program that discovers and accredits products and services that reflect the spirit of OMOTENASHI (hospitality) which is a charm of Japan and shares them in Japan and with the world.

The spirit of OMOTENASHI includes the craftsmanship born from a thoughtful heart for the end user and activities involving creativity and modern ingenuity for improvements through the use of traditional practices and materials. 

Manufactured with the same standards as humans Passed the Food Sanitation Inspection

At the workshop, we use the same clay and glaze for all products. In the inspection, no lead or cadmium was detected, and the safety was proven.

“Mugi” Girl / 7 years old

Type:Food Bowl Size Medium


Comment from the owner:

She’s been eating without making a mess ever since we got this bowl!

Because she wants to always bite well when eating, she used to scatter crumbs all over, but it’s clean with this bowl.

“Sol / Tim” Brothers / 2 years old / 9 months old

Type:Food Bowl Size Medium

Comment from the owner

Tim got the same Munch Munch Food Bowl as his older brother, Sol🍚

He finished it without
spilling the food♥️🙆

(Photo by Instagram @madre_de_soltim)

Customer’s testimonial

I’m not sure if it was my cat’s personality, but the amount of food scattered over the floor was more than the amount he ate. I was perplexed every time because it was not sanitary. It was not cheap and I knew it might not work, but I bought it anyway. And now, he can eat very cleanly. Actually, the bowl is made in a way that the food doesn’t spill. The differences are clear. I’m glad I bought it. The pictures are from before (I’m sorry for the mess.) and Munch Munch Food Bowl that I’m currently using.

Frequently Asked Questions

For first-time customers and those who have questions, please
read the following.

Q. Is there only one size?

A. We have prepared 3 sizes.
Size small: about 4.92 in. x 1.18 in. Size medium: about 5.7 in. x 1.77 in. Size large: 7.08 in. x 1.97 in.

Q. Why do you stick to handmade?

A. Compared to the ones made with a mold, the handmade porcelain will be more dense and can be made thin and sturdy. Therefore, though it takes a lot of work, we hand-make each one without using a mold. Therefore, Munch Munch Food Bowl is an asset that can be used generation after generation.

Q. What is the difference between ceramics and porcelain?

A. For ceramics, clay with different particles are used, so there are gaps. On the other hand, the china stone for porcelain is clay with small, same-sized particles, so there is no gap, preventing the glaze from penetrating. The material is used for medicine bottles.

Q. How much food can I put in the bowl?

A. The cat kibbles are put in the Munch Munch Food Bowl Size Medium.

Q. What is the difference in the color of the bowl?

A. The same clay is used for both white and cream, but the difference in color is a result of how they are heated.
We first extract the oxygen from the kiln, making the inside of the kiln oxygenless. This makes the color change into white.

Left: White Right: Cream


Q. Is there a way to see which part is the front of the bowl?

A. To tell which is the front part, a mark is placed at the bottom. If it is still hard to tell, it may help you to put a puffy sticker that is regularly sold at a store.

Providing a solution to leftover food

“Munch Munch Food Bowl” makes it easier to eat until the last bite.