Hug-and-Kick Toy


Additive-free toys help indoor cats get exercise

This unique cat toy contains no catnip, matatabi, or other stimulants.Satisfy your indoor cat's desire for exercise with this additive-free toys.

[4 points of Hug-and-Kick Toy]

1. additive-free

2. easy-to-kick shape and size

3. elasticity to hold with both hands

4. with a string through which you can play with your cat (please use your own string)

Made in Japan

  • Cotton linen fabric
  • Cotton
  • Acrylic tape
Precautions for Use
  • Please use within sight of the owner.
  • Do not use for purposes other than cat toys.
  • Keep out of reach of small children.
  • If a cat should swallow a toy, consult a veterinarian immediately.
  • Do not use near fire.
  • Do not use if any tears or damage is found.
  • As this is a handmade product, there may be individual differences in shape. Please understand this beforehand.
Care Instructions
  • Washable and always clean
  • Washing method: Hand wash, or if machine wash, put in a laundry net and hand wash mode.
  • Drying method: Dry in shade, do not use a dryer.

Are You Worried About Your Indoor Cat Being Out of Shape?

It’s actually hard to find.Cat toys with no stimulants such as silvervine or catnip.

By using less parts, we have made a safer kicking-type toy that is gentle for cats.
Let’s use it to fulfill your indoor cat’s desire to exercise.

5 Special Points

1. Perfect shape and size for kicking

You may be able to see your cat kicking this when your cat gets excited.

(Illustrations by: Hatori Sachi)

2. Exquisite elasticity for holding with both hands

Through repeated testing with cat employees, we looked at the amount of cotton and hardness to make the elasticity that is easiest for a cat to hold.

3. Has a loop that you can put a string through to play with your cat

You can put your own string through to play with your cat. You may be able to catch a cat.

4. Perfect as a pillow for a cat to rest chin on

After the cat gets tired from playing, it quickly turns into a pillow for napping.

5. Japanese natural material that is not slippery and is easy for a cat to grab

The material is made of organic cotton and flax (stem of flax plant), and we’ve used fabric with great touch on both sides. It is an undyed fabric that makes full use of the natural qualities of the material. Organic cotton is birthed through organic farming that caters to nature’s cycle. It is different from normal cotton, is grown slowly with the utmost care, and is a gentle material for cats, people, and the Earth.

Other special points

Handmade by a skilled sewist from Iwate

Unlike toys that break easily, it is firmly made to professional specifications by a skilled sewist.

No stimulants added, so washable and always clean

No stimulants added (no silvervine or catnip), so it is washable.

Customer’s testimonial

Quickly got into it

“I shook it right in front of my cat, and he quickly started kicking. Since he’s still a kitten, the size seems to be perfect and the cat is holding it tightly=^ω^=He’s been biting and kicking my hands, so I have so many scratches, but it seems like I’ll be getting less in the future☆There are a lot of toys with bright and pop colors, but the products from your shop have modest designs and gentle colors. So, I really like them.”

Ms. Minyan

Expect high speed kicks!

“I tried to shake it in front of the cat, and he immediately started to play with it. I'm sure I'll have less scratches from now on.”


Kotaro, 1 year old, male

Comment from the owner:
“I bought this the other day. I liked it right away. I am glad I bought it. Thank you very much.”

Brothers Guri & Nobi, 1 year old

Guri, Big brother
(Photo by Instagram @gri_gri.scobri)

Brothers Guri & Nobi, 1 year old

Nobi, younger brother
(Photo by Instagram @gri_gri.scobri)

Hamske, 5 months old, male

Comment from the owner:
“The video has been cut in various ways, but I think you can see how excited he is.
I think you can tell how excited they are 😍.
Thank you very much for the wonderful product.”

(Photo by Instagram @hamusuke_bun)

Frequently Asked Questions

For first-time customers and those who have questions, please read the following.

Q. Can I wash it if it gets dirty?

A. Yes. The whole product can be washed by hand. We recommend drying it in the shade.
Please hang it in a dry, well-ventilated area to air-dry.

“Hug-and-Kick Toy” will provide the solution for your indoor cat that is out of shape!

Let’s fulfill your indoor cat’s desire to exercise.