Durable Soft Jellyfish Toy


Additive-free toys help indoor cats get exercise

This unique cat toy contains no catnip, matatabi, or other stimulants.Satisfy your indoor cat's desire for exercise with this additive-free toys.

[3 points of Durable Soft Jellyfish Toy]

1. additive-free

2. simple toy for safety

3. toys that can be played with cats Let your cat have fun by moving the string in an attractive way.

  • Cotton linen fabric
  • Cotton
  • Acrylic tape

It is a toy made in Japan and handmade by Iwate craftsmen for indoor cats. Nekozuki toys are characterized by their unique natural texture, which is not found in mechanical mass production, because they are handmade one by one. The easy-to-grip grip uses domestic high-quality materials. It has a property that is hard to break by performing firm sewing.

Common name:Toy

Product size:Round grip diameter around 12 cm, string around 55 cm

Product shape:Jellyfish

Color:Off white (no synthetic dyes used)

Design motif:Simple

Design image:Fashionable design (modern/stylish), simple

Country of origin:Japan

Regarding quality:As this is a handmade product, there may be some differences in size, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

Please be careful:Do not use in places exposed to direct sunlight, near fires, near heaters, or in places with excessively high temperatures or high humidity. Avoid using alcohol or thinner-based solvents. Do not place hot objects directly on the product. Keep away from fire. For sanitary reasons, this product cannot be returned or exchanged unless it is unopened or defective.

Safety Notice:Please use it after careful observation at the discretion of the owner. If the fabric is torn, please stop using it.

Function:It is made to be durable. You can play with your cat for a long time. Please note that some cats might not be interested in the beginning. Cats that have been tired of using it for a while may show interest again if you use it after a while. We carefully select fabrics from domestic manufacturers that are safe even if cats lick them.

Features:You can play fishing with your cat. It is also recommended as a gift for cats.

Usage:Relieve stress and lack of exercise

Care instructions:Fully washable. Dry well after washing.

How to use:Cat toy

Place of use:Indoors

Preservation/storage method:We recommend storing in a well-ventilated place.

Material:Domestic fabric, batting, string

Package type:Bag

Category:Play (play), tool

Large classification:Cat goods, cat items (cat items), pet goods (pet goods shops, pet items, pet goods), products (items, accessories, interior)

Target animal (animal/pet):Cat

Cat breed:All cat breeds

Body size:Small, medium, large

Cat age:Kittens, adult cats, elderly cats (old cats/senior cats/elderly cats)

Event:Our toys are also popular as gifts.
Recommended as a gift (gift, petit gift, gift). Birthday (birthday), Christmas, New Year (New Year's greetings), Cat's Day, family celebration, moving celebration (moving celebration), baby shower, visit, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

Precautions for Use
  • Please use within sight of the owner.
  • Do not use for purposes other than cat toys.
  • Keep out of reach of small children.
  • If a cat should swallow a toy, consult a veterinarian immediately.
  • Do not use near fire.
  • Do not use if any tears or damage is found.
  • As this is a handmade product, there may be individual differences in shape. Please understand this beforehand.
Care Instructions
  • Washable and always clean
  • Washing method: Hand wash, or if machine wash, put in a laundry net and hand wash mode.
  • Drying method: Dry in shade, do not use a dryer.

Are You Worried About Your Indoor Cat Being Out of Shape?

By using less parts, we have made a safer fishing-type toy that is gentle for cats. Let’s use it to fulfill your indoor cat’s desire to exercise.

3 Special Points

1. Play fishing with the owner

You can play with your cat by moving the strings in a fun way like jellyfish tentacles.

2. Simple design for safety

Safety suffers as the number of parts increases, so this product is composed of the least number of parts necessary.

3. Tending to a cat’s stress with high durability

Cats are generally cautious, so they feel much stress until they get used to a new product. If the items that are used daily by cats can be used for a long time, then the stress cats feel can be reduced.
Jellyfish tentacles (string parts) can wear out easily, so by making them replaceable, you can use it repeatedly.

You can pass a string of your choice through and play.
You can also put a prey fish at the end of the string.
Please note that the string is not included. The prey is sold separately. Durable Soft Fish Toy
※If a string is too thin, it can get tangled onto a cat’s legs and can injure the cat, so we recommend a string with some thickness.

Other special points

Handmade by a skilled sewist from Iwate

Unlike toys that break easily, it is firmly made to professional specifications by a skilled sewist.

Japanese natural material

The material is made of organic cotton and flax (stem of flax plant), and we’ve used fabric with great touch on both sides. It is an undyed fabric that makes full use of the natural qualities of the material. Organic cotton is birthed through organic farming that caters to nature’s cycle. It is different from normal cotton, is grown slowly with the utmost care, and is a gentle material for cats, people, and the Earth.

Handle with cotton, gentle for a cat owner

It doesn’t hurt even if you get into playing with your cat.

No stimulants added, so washable and always clean

No stimulants added (no silvervine or catnip), so it is washable.

Customer’s testimonial

“My cat has always liked strings, so he always shows strong interest in this product. Since it’s fairly thick, it seems that he really feels like he is biting on something. If it’s lying on the floor, he also plays with the handle.”

(Ms. Mizu)

“I probably have all the toys Nekozuki has on sale. But why did I buy this at the very end? This product makes me wonder like that because it seems to provide such enjoyment for cats that love strings like mine. The thickness of the strings is not too thick or too thin, so my cat loves how perfect it feels when he bites it.”

(Mr. Nyankai?)

Cookie, 5 years old, female

We asked a cat who is a friend of Nekozuki staff to be our monitor.
She was caught and chased and happily played with the jellyfish.

“Durable Soft Jellyfish Toy” will provide the solution for your indoor cat that is out of shape!

Let’s fulfill your indoor cat’s desire to exercise.